Blast Off Into Space

Blast off into space

First, let's get ready to relax. 

    1. Lay down.
    2. Close your eyes
    3. Get in a comfortable position. Mommy will stay in here for 10 minutes and then leave.
    4. Take 6 deep breaths.

Now, imagine that you are in space with the stars like you are in a planetarium.

Down below, you see planet Earth and you're able to see all the way to your backyard.

The blackness of space and the sparkle of the stars make you want to lift off to planet Mars.

On your way, you soak in all the views of the stars in the constellations. You pass the Big Dipper, Hercules, and Leo. Wow, those are really cool constellations.

I love the way stars sparkle, glow, and look like an angler fish with a glow stick every night.

While you are looking at all the stars and constellations, you take three deep breaths because it is a lot to take in. 

But Mars is a long way away so you float into your spaceship and fall asleep on the floor and dream of all the things you want to do tomorrow.

Now you blast off back home and at the morning time you play with mommy and play baseball, soccer, and frisbee and go on more adventures, and maybe visit Saturn, the planet with the ring, next.